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Letting Mall can cut your Letting Costs by £1000's!
As experienced Landlords ourselves we know just how difficult it is to make your property investment work. Now with returns for Landlords set to be squeezed further, Landlords will have to look even harder for ways of reducing costs, whilst still providing quality rental accommodation for tenants at affordable rents with minimal void periods.
For most Landlords the biggest cost involved in the letting process is the Letting Agent's fee. With large tenant finding fees and upfront admin fees leaving little or none of the first few month's rent, coupled with sizeable ongoing monthly fees, it is not hard to see why the majority of Landlords are now looking for an alternative to the traditional High Street Letting Agent.
At Letting Mall we have examined the whole letting process from tenant find to tenant check out  and looked at where savings can be made from reduced overheads and the efficient use of technology and passed these savings onto our Landlords. Our Letting Fees are low and above all our charges are transparent.
At Letting Mall it isn't just about saving Landlords money, although as you can tell from our prices we are pretty good at that! You will also find at Letting Mall we are passionate about providing our Landlords with an efficient, professional and caring tailor made Letting Service.  
Try us today and see why Landlords are choosing Letting Mall as their Local Online Agent.